Massaged the trigger points in my mother’s feet. She’s happily back to her favorite shoes.

January 15th, 2011 § 2

My mother had been complaining that her favorite shoes were hurting her feet. The painful problem area was on the outside of her foot, near her pinky toe. It was distressing for her. She has never had any problems with them before. The only limits she puts on her shoes is a preference for lower heels.

“Perhaps the tech that does the nail clinic at the senior center next month will spot something,” she hoped.

My mother has had both hips replaced (with great success) and as those in her position will know, afterwards you shouldn’t pull your foot up across your thigh.  It makes inspecting your own feet difficult. So when she was at the house, I inspected her feet  for her and then, after seeing nothing visibly wrong, I checked the muscles in her feet for trigger points.


I found numerous tender trigger points around her toes, across the ball of her foot, in her arch, and up her ankle into the calf and shin. I worked them out for her. She is fortunate that, unlike me, her trigger points relax easily. My trigger points return regularly like the unwanted pests that they are, where as her trigger points relax after a simple massage and stay gone. (This isn’t to say that there wasn’t the initial pain from pressure on the trigger point.)

I gave her a golf ball to use to continue work on her foot muscles at home. She was going to roll it under her foot while standing in a doorway or sitting on the sofa – so she wont lose her balance. She also followed up with foot soaks.

Good news! Last week I was at her apartment and I checked her feet for trigger points. None to be found in the feet. There were a few yet to be found in the muscles of her legs that she is massaging with the golf ball held in her hand, this doesn’t tire her fingers out as much.

She is happily back in her favorite shoes again.

Isn’t that nice? I’m so happy trigger point massage gave her relief from pain. It’s a simple, but possibly life changing, tool for most everyone.

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  • Sally says:

    Very nice! I know I have some painful trigger points in the bottom of my foot. But I have the same problem as you, because my trigger points quickly come back if I don’t keep up with massage.

  • Anna says:

    There is a spot on my left foot right below the pinky toe that has been sore, and has caused me to abandon a particular pair of shoes! I suppose I will have to de-trigger point it!

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