The best bath soak ever!

February 25th, 2011 § 4

I have found bliss. It comes in the form of epsom salts and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). I toss two whole cups, yes two, of espom salt and one cup of MSM into a tub of water. It is that simple. It is that easy. This combination is amazing. It is the best bath soak ever!

It is wonderful for my trigger points and my skin.

MSM is a natural sulfur that traditionally has been useful for healing (ever hear of sulfur baths?). I believe it has been helpful in reducing my trigger points. It certainly is helpful in relaxing and reducing muscular pain. Using it is still fairly new for me, so we’ll see if it passes the test of time. But the wonderful effect it has on my skin is worth every minute and every penny. My skin has become super soft. This has happened in the dead of winter in a house heated solely by wood while cold, dry winds try to suck up every available drop of moisture down to the bones. And yet, my skin is soft.

I usually shower first. Then I run the bath and soak for about 30 minutes. No less than 20 and never more than 40 (the water has cooled pretty much by then). Making time for a bath seemed impossible for years, then I started soaking in espom salt for those achy muscles troubled by too many nasty trigger points. It was a comforting and therapeutic bath treatment. Now, with the addition of MSM, it has given me such a tremendous boost, that I have no trouble finding the time at least once a week and usually twice. Since my hair is already shampooed I leave the bath water in for the great body it adds to my hair. After my bath, I usually apply some coconut oil (my only body lotion for the last few years). I don’t use much. I just don’t need it. Even my cuticles are soft (they have never been soft and now they almost disappear), and it’s February in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! My lips don’t even chap like they usually do. Am I making it clear how much I love this? I don’t think my skin has felt this soft since I was a kid, seriously!

I buy my MSM in the horse supplement section at the local feed supply store and my epsom salt at the drugstore. They are both available on the internet also.

I highly recommend buying some and hope you find it is the best bath soak ever too.

It is easy. It is affordable. Your muscles will feel good. Your skin will feel younger, and couldn’t that translate into looking younger? Either way, who wouldn’t want skin that feels ¬†soft and smooth? It is such an easy fix to ending dry itchy skin.

Try it and bring a bit of bliss into your life also.

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§ 4 Responses to “The best bath soak ever!”

  • Sally says:

    I’ve tried this!!! And I must agree I’ve never felt so good after a bath!!! I really feel the epson salt helps me to get rid of the water retention in my ankles. Losing weight by taking a bath?! Yes please!

  • Ivan says:

    Can you share which MSM you use and where you purchase it?

    • admin says:

      I don’t have a favorite brand. I usually buy the best deal I find on Since I use so much, money talks loudest.

      • Jonathon says:

        I’ve been informed the USA makes natural MSM while the Chinese make a synthetic form. Bought from a horse feed stockist should be ok.

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